Our Services

The TRADEROUTE also provides services and consulting organization of shipments, as well as all necessary documentation:

  • Consolidation of merchandise from different manufactures to the same importer;

  • Elaboration of all export documentation;

  • Best price freight contracts to any destiny

  • Contact and coordination of orders with the Brazilians manufactures

  • Handling of all merchandise at the warehouse in Santa Catarina- Brasil

International Business Meeting

We successfully organized the International Business Meeting of furniture segment between manufactures and retails around the World of the following fairs:

  • MERCOMOVÉIS 2012 “De olho no consumidor”

The work of organizing “the International Business Meeting” has the services selected by the contractor depending on the need and size desired event as the examples below:

  • Send invitation, by email, of participation to all participants importers;
  • Send registration form by e-mail to importers requesting detailed information about their company;
  • Select importers to participate in the “Round”;
  • After analysis, send letter / email confirmation to them;
  • Check profiles of importers and exporters for implementing the schedule of the Business Meeting;
  • Fix schedule meeting times at the entrance of the event;
  • Deliver special material to participants when provided;
  • Hiring interpreters if necessary;
  • Place on the tables information of the participant, company name, name of the importer and flag country.
  • Deliver technical report with consolidated information on the results of the Business Roundtable to the responsible of the Event.